Mr Ginting started PT ZZF Industri Indonesia with a big and futuristic vision of developing construction equipment industry in Indonesia with transfer knowledge and experience from the wonder China Construction Equipment Industry. With his long and broad experiences and knowledge in Construction Industry and after learning from the several China leading manufacturers, Mr Ginting easily bring new systems and developing ZZF its own system and become one of leading in the business. He aims ZZF is able to find the right solution for every Construction project unique needs, such Tower Crane Portable Foundation, Traveling System, Extra Free Standing etc. ZZF also capable developing the plan for complicated and sophisticated Construction Equipment System with supporting of ZZF Group Network. Itís realistic, ZZF has the right to claim as Provider: Integrated Construction Equipment

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ZZF GROUP ZZF Indonesia is a company affiliated of ZZF Group of Sichuan China lead by Mr Jack Xie

Mr Jack Xie ZZF Indonesia is a company affiliated of ZZF Group of Sichuan China lead by Mr Jack Xie

ZZF Industri Indonesia PT,
Jl Gandaria VI/7,
Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta 12130 Indonesia.

Hotline: 08118-034-858
Whats App: 0818-96-1343

Mr. Harmony Ginting has extra ordinary 36 years experience in Construction Industry, as well as in Indonesia and overseas. He earned his Master Degree in Structural Engineering from Fenn College of Engineering CSU Ohio after starting very early experience in PT Ciriajasa Total Engineering in 1979. One of his remarkable achievement out of many, in handling Public Work Office Project under PT Indonesia Construction Consortium Industries (ICCI) in 1981.

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